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Waterproofing and Basement Wall Repair 

Wet basement? We have your back. C & W Works is your Pittsburgh area waterproofing and basement wall repair professionals with over 10 years installation experience.

Why Choose C&W Works?
Skill, expertise and the knowledge that it will be done right the first time.

Do you get water in your basement each time it rains? Want to finish your basement but it's always damp? Want to make sure that a waterproofing procedure is done right the first time? Call C &W works to ensure you never have to deal with water damage or a damp basement again! 

The Process:

C&W Works take the time and care to repair and waterproof your basement walls right. First, we dig to expose the entire foundation and repair any structural concerns that we see. We then spray a professional grade water sealer on the walls and cover all of the surfaces with wicking boards to divert water away from your foundation. Finally, we add a layer of gravel to increase drainage and ensure a strong, secure foundation. 

Is all of that excavation necessary?:

Yes! You can get a can of water sealer from the Hardware Store and paint the inside of your basement walls for a temporary waterproofing solution, but if the water is coming in from the outside, why not treat the problem where it begins? It may look extreme, but it's the only way to ensure that your basement will be dry for good. 

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